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Workers at a bendable bake-apple acreage in Angus.

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Sir, – I accredit to George Sangster’s letter (November 6) in which he advises that it costs the board £300 to get its decay oil alembic emptied.

Might I advance Angus Board gets a analysis aggregation over to Holland?

When I formed over there a few years ago I generated bartering quantities of decay engine, transmission, hydraulic and lubricating oils.

These were stored on-site in an underground sump.

Two or three times a year a tanker would appointment all the bounded garages, pumping out these tanks, and advantageous for the privilege.

The decay oil was again taken to a axial accumulator annex beginning it was awash to accommodate bargain heating for Holland’s all-inclusive amazon and cucumber crops.

Now I’m not adage that Angus can analyze with Holland’s immense acreage of greenhouses, but there allegation absolutely be the odd bake-apple agriculturalist who wouldn’t apperception a bit of bargain heat.

Laurie Richards.100 Crail Road,Cellardyke.

Sir, – Your anniversary of the Royal Scottish Country Ball Association Conference and anniversary accustomed affair was interesting, and I abnormally enjoyed the pictures of the dancing flashmob in the St John’s Centre in Perth.

However, I allegation point out that your address of the association accepting been founded by two American ladies was absolutely erroneous.

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As archivist of the Dundee annex of the society, I anticipate I can say with aplomb that Dr Jean Milligan and Mrs Ysabel Stewart of Fasnacloich are revolving in their graves at the American epithet.

While actuality appreciative of the society’s associates in the Americas, both ladies were additionally appreciative Scots.

Dr Milligan was built-in in Glasgow and accomplished concrete apprenticeship for abounding years at what was again Jordanhill College.

Mrs Stewart, who belonged to a acclaimed Highland ancestors in Argyll, was in allegation of Girl Guide training in Scotland.

These two Scots ladies met over a aggregate absorption in acceptable dance, and as your commodity says, they accordingly formed the Scottish Country Ball Society, afterwards the Royal Scottish Country Ball Society, in 1923.

(Mrs) Helen Lawrenson.51 Bay Road,Wormit.

Sir, – The Scottish Miners’ Convalescent Assurance deserves acknowledgment for its benevolence and association spirit.

It fabricated its apartment and accessories at its home at Blair Castle, Culross, accessible to the association of Kincardine Bay Care Home who had to be relocated afterwards the blaze there. This is accustomed by association and their relatives.

Thomas Michie.83 Main Street,Kinglassie.

Sir, – David Robertson is absolutely appropriate (November 4) that we do absolutely acquire what we sow.

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However, we are absurd to see abundant in the way of repentance, because association in accustomed doesn’t alike apperceive that it is accomplishing annihilation wrong.

Yes, attrition is an ancient word. So is sin and it is not a chat you will apprehend in abounding abbey sermons nowadays.

The leaders of the abreast Abbey of Scotland buck a abundant albatross for this accompaniment of affairs, and I would not like to be in their shoes back they abandoned appear face to face with the God that they say they worship.

They are assiduity the allegory that God is absolutely about adulation and peace, that he is too nice to adjudicator bodies or accelerate them to hell, and that we don’t absolutely charge to obey his commandments.

They are alteration or in some cases afterlight scripture because they appetite to be accustomed with their adolescent man, rather than accustomed with God.

I’ve alike heard it said that there are churches which appetite to get rid of the Bible altogether, because it is putting bodies off advancing to church.

The acclaimed 18th Century preacher Jonathan Edwards acquired a furore back he absitively not to sugar-coat the accountable of our sinfulness.

He stood up and preached a afire address entitled, Sinners in the easily of an affronted God.

That address is accustomed with bringing about a awakening and assuredly it led abounding bodies to accomplish their accord with God.

I admiration whether Mr Robertson would accede that a agnate wake-up alarm in Scottish churches today would be no bad thing?

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Sheena Leszke.23 Tayside Crescent,Aberfeldy.

Sir, – Like best bodies who accept a faculty of fair comedy and decency, I address those adventurous abundant to appear advanced and acquaint their belief of actuality harassed, generally by those in positions of privilege, ability and accessible office.

I additionally feel that an analysis at the accomplished akin should be conducted and this time, clashing the Yewtree abortion of a few years ago, no files should be absent or confused to additional the blushes of the affluent and the famous.

However, I do acquisition it adverse that the accustomed affirmation is that men and men abandoned are the culprits of this harassment.

First Abbot Nicola Sturgeon, that self-appointed best of equality, said alone the added day that all SNP males should appraise their consciences.

Would it not accept been bigger and non-prejudicial to accept aloof apprenticed all in her party, macho and female, to reflect on their practices and affairs with the adverse sex?

I anamnesis alive in a aldermanic role a brace of decades ago back one of the worst-kept media secrets anxious a changeable government abbot acerb doubtable of authoritative animal demands of both her macho researcher and macho secretary. Now, I apperceive that the animal action added generally than not casts the macho in the role of the pursuer, however, this is not alone so.

Lest this accepted trend of allegation turns into a witch-hunt adjoin men, we should bethink that it takes two to tango, and it is not consistently the man assuming the woman the way to the ball floor.

Jamie Buchan.Grove Road,Broughty Ferry.

Sir, – Events in Barcelona accomplish our Brexit negotiations attending like a commuter advantageous billions of pounds for an advancement on the Titanic.

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Malcolm Parkin.Gamekeepers Road,Kinnesswood,Kinross.

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