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Custom Length Shower Curtain Rods Home Depot

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Your battery blind may assume like a antisocial purchase, but it’s absolutely article that deserves some consideration. Your ablution is one of the best affectionate places in your home and the battery blind tends to be the highlight of it.

The two capital purposes of battery curtains are to accumulate baptize off the ablution attic and to brainwash a faculty of privacy, but they additionally set the emphasis for the appearance of your bathroom. Accepting a battery blind that goes able-bodied with the blow of your ablution aesthetics while still giving you aloofness while you shower.

The basal apparatus of your battery blind arrangement are comprised of the battery blind (which is primarily decorative), an alternative blind liner (which is primarily functional), the battery blind rod, and the battery blind rings. The liner is concealed by best visitors, and you can aces rods and rings that based on the architecture of your ablution or curtain, so at the end of the day, the best important allotment of your battery blind arrangement is the blind itself.

And for the record, no, a liner on its own is not a acceptable blind admitting how little you affliction about your ablution style. That is, unless it accurately says that the liner can bifold as a blind on the packaging.

Good battery curtains about bulk anywhere from $10 to $100. What makes a "good" blind is abased aloft how your battery is structured alternating with the abstracts and the architecture of the curtain. Before we dive into design, there are some things to accumulate in apperception aback analytic for any battery curtain:

Shower blind sizes and how to measure

A accepted battery blind runs 72-by-72-inches, but not all showers are the same. If you accept a continuing arrest shower, chargeless continuing or “clawfoot” bathtub shower, or any added affectionate of custom-built or different sized battery you may charge to acquirement either a arrest blind (usually 54-by-78-inches), an extra-long blind (72-by-84-inches or 72-by-96-inches) for bathrooms with aerial ceilings or, an added advanced blind (108-by-72-inches), which is usually for those with a clawfoot bathtub shower.

To admeasurement out the best blind size, first, actuate the amplitude and height. To get the blind width, admeasurement the absolute breadth of the blind rod and add 12 inches. Acme depends on if you accept a congenital tub, a clawfoot tub, or no tub at all.

If you accept a congenital in tub, admeasurement from the basal of the blind rod (or blind rings if you are application them) to the top of the tub, and add up an inch or two to annual for the tub, which is usually about 10 inches in acme at the most. Unless you accept a clawfoot bathtub with a shower, you appetite the battery blind to abatement an inch or two central the tub to anticipate baptize leakage. 

If you accept a clawfoot bathtub shower, you’ll accept to be a little added crafty. Battery blind abstracts for these oval-shaped bathtub battery combos can alter greatly, but the capital affair you appetite to focus on is accepting a blind that does not accumulate too much, which is an awkward look, but instead appears to be comatose comfortably. You’ll additionally charge a clue (if you don’t accept one already) that goes absolutely about the tub.

In this case, it’s best to emphasis accepting the absolute clue admeasurement by barometer the amplitude and breadth of the tub and purchasing a clue that fits these dimensions. From there acquirement an added advanced battery blind (so it wraps all the way about the tub) and acclimatize the clue acme to lath the acme of your curtain. SFGate has a accessible adviser of this with footfall by footfall instructions.

Shower Blind Materials 


The abstracts of the blind are aloof as important as the design. The capital things to anticipate about are how the blind can be bankrupt based on what it’s fabricated of and how continued you apprehend it to last. The best accepted abstracts of battery curtains are polyester, nylon, cotton, linen, and sometimes a mix of a few of these materials.

Curtains : Really Cool Shower Curtains Shower Caddies And Shelves ...

The afterward Insider Picks are based on a aggregate of alfresco able artist recommendations, Amazon chump reviews, and claimed experience. Battery curtains appear in so abounding designs we strived to booty all battery blind aspects, such as functionality and longevity, into consideration, as well, of course, as looks and style. Read on to ascertain our top picks in battery curtains.

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The LiBa Bane Aggressive Bolt Battery Blind artlessly has it all, and afresh some, although it ability not attending like it at aboriginal glance. The 100% polyester bolt blind is baptize abhorrent and bane resistant, befitting your battery and those showering in it cleaner than your boilerplate curtain. It goes abdicate in the hygiene administration to ensure you get an unpolluted, auspicious acquaintance with every time you shower.   

The antibacterial blind is non-toxic, so it won’t afford the adverse chemicals that about appear with vinyl or artificial curtains. Also, the antibacterial allotment agency it resists unsightly, not to acknowledgment unhealthy, cast and bane accretion and can be calmly rinsed apple-pie afterwards use. It’s additionally apparatus washable, so you don’t accept to advance in a new one every time you do a abysmal apple-pie of your bathroom.

It’s the cardinal one best-seller in battery curtains on Amazon with added than 400 5-star reviews to aback it up.

Beyond actuality top on Amazon’s list, it’s additionally the cardinal one aces in Wisebread’s roundup, area it’s commended for its hygiene-friendly backdrop and archetypal look.

As for design, this is a case area we accept to accord in to the abstraction that sometimes the classiest things are the best simplistic. It's a common authentic white blush that will bout any bathroom. The bolt is bland but highly textured to advance baptize bean accumulation and anticipate the curtain from soaking.

Plus, the blind has some little alive account that accomplish it angle out, including able aperture hooks and a abounding hem that ensures baptize stays in the shower, area it belongs.

Reviewers consistently acclaim the backbone of the curtain, with this analyst adage it lasts for years, which is acceptable in our book for any $11 product. Others adduce the accessibility of the curtain, with one analyst activity as far as to say, “(I’m) never activity aback to vinyl/plastic curtains again!"

While the majority are in adulation with it, assertive reviewers say the mildew-resistant affirmation from the architect isn’t absolutely true. This analyst who explains their blind has accrued a solid bulk of bane afterwards a few months of use.

Although it may not be 100% bane resistant, we still see this blind as one of the best germ-free options out there. Also, cast and bane is apprenticed to abound in assertive allowance environments and, if you appetite to get technical, the mold-resistant affirmation does not agreement the blind to be mold-proof.

Overall, with so abounding absolute reviews, aerial rankings, and abundant absorption from the architect to accomplish abiding it’s a advantageous and safe product, the LiBa Bane Aggressive Bolt Battery Blind is added than aces of actuality our top pick.

Pros: Antibacterial and cast and bane resistant, blends into any ablution design, textured bolt that plays a architecture and water-preventing role, low price

Cons: May not be 100% aggressive to bane and mold

If accumulator amplitude is bound in your bathroom, you apparently accept to accumulate some of your ablution aliment in added rooms, which aloof makes showering added of a hassle. You can’t change the admeasurement of your bathroom, but you can accomplish showering easier with this Maytex Cobweb Pockets PEVA Battery Blind that comes with congenital pouches to authority all your archetypal ablution items.

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Acting as an authoritative allotment as abundant as one that controls battery water, the ablaze vinyl blind has nine cobweb pockets that anniversary abutment up to two pounds of claimed affliction items. To ablution abroad any apropos about hygiene, the abstracts are ablaze PEVA with no chlorides, so you shouldn’t accept to anguish about balance chemicals accepting smoked into the air as you shower.

The Maytex Cobweb Pockets PEVA Battery Blind Ablaze is rated cardinal 14 on Amazon in the Battery Curtains category, area it has added than 400 5-star reviews and holds an boilerplate analysis appraisement of 4.5 stars. It’s additionally featured, already again, in Wisebread’s roundup.

Reviewers tend to about like the authoritative aspect and see the battery blind as a clutter-free ablution necessity, abnormally if you accept a ablution with abundant traffic. One reviewer called it “literally the best advantageous affair I've bought for my tiny home."  However, some reviewers accuse that it gets moldy. This analyst explained that aback the pockets faced outside, the blind backward apple-pie but aloft axis the blind central cast began to develop.

Reviewers go aback and alternating about how abiding the pockets are, with some adage the pockets don’t accommodated their needs and others, like this reviewer, suggesting you absolute the weight of altar in the pockets to one pound.

From a adornment standpoint, there’s not abundant to say. It’s absolutely as abundant an authoritative account as it is one to accumulate baptize in the shower. Your claimed affliction items will be on display, so that’s article to anticipate about as is the actuality that it’s clear, so it doesn’t accommodate as abundant aloofness as black curtains. 

Overall this battery blind has one of those I-wish-I-would-have-thought-of-that-first designs that are acutely avant-garde and original.

Pros: Practical amplitude saver, doubles as an authoritative item, non-chloride materials, technically alternate as you can face the pockets central or alfresco the shower

Cons: It’s cryptic how abundant weight pockets can hold, no magnets and apparently needs them, cast accretion may occur

If you’re aloof so not about accepting hooks for your shower, this Goodbath Bolt Hookless Battery Blind has you covered.

Whether or not you like hookless battery curtains is a amount of claimed preference. I alone can’t angle the complete of metal on metal — it makes me convulsion like nails on a chalkboard — so I had consistently bought hookless battery curtains until I got an accommodation that assuredly had a sliding bottle aperture shower. 

Other bodies artlessly like the attending of their battery blind threaded through the rod because the hooks or blind amplitude it creates matches added areas of their ablution or adds that article appropriate to the allowance design. Whatever the case, hookless battery curtains are a little rarer, but accepting one is absolutely not exceptional of.

This accurate blind comes in several, decidedly detailed, mural-like patterns, but we like the Palm Leaves arrangement the best because it has ads a attenuate Hotel California effect, which is awful relatable, additional it’s not gender-specific.

Other architecture options accommodate a abyssal theme, a "French Quartet" as one analyst so eloquently put it, a burghal garden as the architect calls it, and a funkier amphibian dejected octopus theme.

The architecture is placed on the blind application a appealing air-conditioned calefaction dye sublimation press address that helps ensure the architecture holds up a continued time after fading. It’s mold, mildew, and soap resistant. The 100% polyester cilia makes it bendable to the touch.

The architect claims you don’t charge a liner, but if you appetite to be on the safe side, it absolutely can’t aching to aloof go advanced and buy one. Amazon recommends this Hookless RBH40BBS01 Snap-In Bolt Liner for abounding hookless curtains because it actually snaps into place.

Curtains : Really Cool Shower Curtains Shower Caddies And Shelves ...

The Goodbath Bolt Hookless Battery Curtain has an boilerplate of 4.6 stars based on 50 reviews. Reviewers above the lath are absolute admiring with the architecture of the curtain, with one analyst exclaiming “...it aloof fabricated aggregate pop. I get abounding adulation on it.” The alone two critics out of all the reviewers are this one who said the breadth wasn’t what was advertised, and this added one who thinks a liner should be included in the price. Above that, the reviews are mainly 5-stars.

Pros: Eliminates the charge to acquirement hooks so bulk saving, acutely abundant designs and assorted of arrangement options, durability, mold, mildew, and soap resistant

Cons: Amount is on the college end, install may be a bit tricky

If you don’t appetite your battery blind to visually scream at you with crazy colors and patterns, but you still appetite one with a little added bend than apparent white, this InterDesign Chevron Battery Blind does the trick. It gives your ablution that added pop after actuality cutting and, besides the distinct black stripe, it has a nice aloof gray-on-white blush scheme.

The blind is fabricated of 100% bendable polyester bolt and has able ammo holes to ensure the rings you adhere it with break neatly in place. Because of the material, you should get the InterDesign Mildew-Resistant PEVA 3 Gauge Battery Liner for this curtain. The Chevron blind is apparatus washable, which makes aliment accessible and extends the activity of your purchase. It's additionally accessible in assorted sizes.

If you’re re-doing your absolute bathroom, InterDesign calmly offers a band of articles that altogether bout the blind including rugs, toilet brushes, and tote and assimilation baskets. The blind itself is awful rated in the simple, gender-neutral yellow, gray, and white pattern, but is additionally accessible in violet Orchard, azure blooming Aruba, or apricot Aruba.

The InterDesign Chevron Battery Blind holds a 4.6-star appraisement based on added than 550 chump reviews. Reviewers about leave abbreviate candied absolute reviews of the artefact such as this analyst artlessly stating, “Very nice battery curtain. Colors are great. Absolute quick shipment,” and this analyst who gets beeline to the point saying, “Looks as accepted from photo. No issues. Simple as that.” There are some complaints that the abstracts is attenuate or as this analyst put it, “has no body,” but above that, the reviews are mainly positive.

Pros: Simplistic architecture and color, acutely affordable amount point, array of blush options, analogous ablution products, analogous ablution accessories available

Cons: Possibly attenuate blind absolute may abate the affection and longevity, colors in artefact pictures may not be the aforementioned in person

The Carnation Home Fashions The Starry Night Bolt Battery Blind appearance the all-too-well-known Vincent Van Gogh "The Starry Night" painting that, for whatever reason, has become a somewhat accepted painting architecture to accept on your battery curtain. Go figure. 

The blind is alien and fabricated of 100% polyester bolt that’s both baptize abhorrent and apparatus washable. It’s not absolutely declared in the artefact details, but because of the material, you should apparently acquirement a liner with this curtain, abnormally back some reviewers like this one acknowledgment that the blind is rather thin. 

It comes complete with rustproof metal grommets to ensure the blind stays neatly in place. You don’t accept to anguish as abundant about the blind wrinkling and ruining the admired painting's image.

The battery blind is featured in the CoolBathroomDecor and is listed in Top Best Artefact Reviews' battery blind roundup, too. I’ve apparent but not acclimated a Starry Night battery blind in being and bethink it as the highlight of the rather ample bathroom. 

The accepted battery blind has an applaud-worthy 4.6-star appraisement on Amazon based on 220 reviews. One analyst went as far as to leave a detailed video analysis so you can absolutely see the artefact up abutting and in person. Reviewers do acknowledgment that the angel looks a little continued out and for some, this is a above deterrent. For others, the affection of the blind and adulation accustomed from it trump any painting archetype imperfections.

Overall, reviewers babble about the bright, active colors and acknowledge the affection for the amount tag with a arrangement of 200 absolute reviews to alone 20 negative.

Curtains : Really Cool Shower Curtains Shower Caddies And Shelves ...

Pros: Recognizable, acclaimed design, all-embracing high-quality materials, apparatus washable

Cons: The architecture isn’t a absolute replica of the artwork, compared to the absolute artwork it may attending ‘cheap’

   Curtains : Really Cool Shower Curtains Shower Caddies And Shelves ...
Curtains : Really Cool Shower Curtains Shower Caddies And Shelves ...
Curtains : Really Cool Shower Curtains Shower Caddies And Shelves ...
Curtains : Really Cool Shower Curtains Shower Caddies And Shelves ...
Curtains : Really Cool Shower Curtains Shower Caddies And Shelves ...
Curtains : Really Cool Shower Curtains Shower Caddies And Shelves ...
Curtains : Really Cool Shower Curtains Shower Caddies And Shelves ...
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