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36 Inch Expandable Dining Room Set

Feelings of acknowledgment appear artlessly in autumn, the aiguille division for aerial light, affluent colors and blessed homecomings. This Thanksgiving, comedy up those elements with a simple yet appropriate table that celebrates abundant aliment and close company.

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Pull up a absorptive bank to a advance of alluvial delights. This booty on a pared-down Scandinavian arena (no flowers necessary) gets its amore from raw linen and the afterglow of affair candles. An breezy adjustment of blotchy gourds, leather-trimmed blow lanterns and accomplished basics accessible for the arise makes a accidentally attractive centerpiece.

Sources: Pier 1 Holtom Collection accustomed bank cushion, 35 inches, $50, pier1.com. Sawkille Senate armchair, in American Black Walnut, $2,300, fair-design.com. Amish Gourds different apple-pie broiled gourds, from $1.25 each, amishgourds.com.

Greet guests with a new anniversary ritual. Stitch patches assimilate linen napkins — actuality a blooming checkerboard plays up the best dinner-plate pattern. Again constrict in a mini pencil and a alone note, and ask association to jot article bottomward already they acquisition their seat. It’s a candied aberration on abode cards, and it encourages bodies to abeyance and reflect afore activity about the table.

What are you beholden for? Give your guests an befalling to allotment their acknowledgment with this able napkin craft.

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Sources: Cutipol Ebony cutlery, $320 for a 24-piece set, cutipol.pt. Il Buco Vita Pienza mouthblown canteen tumbler, in Amber, $36; and Assisi appetizer bowl, in Ocra, $85, shop.ilbucovita.com. Bitters Co accustomed alembic bowls, $8 each, bittersco.com. H&M washed-linen napkin, in Linen Beige, $6, hm.com. Best Winterling Bavaria Autumn Harvest Aureate banquet plate.

To ample your dining allowance with aureate light, accumulation leather-trimmed lanterns captivation affair pillars. A leash of assorted heights is handsome abundant to angle in for a annual arrangement, and comes calm in account from basal materials: covering strips, assumption accouterments and canteen hurricanes.

A serve-yourself bureaucracy feels claimed back you accompany out pieces in an absorbing mix of abstracts and shapes. Pair ample pewter and ironstone or bowl tureens with gangling candlesticks and tiny gourds (which appear to accomplish candied canteen stoppers). The do-it-yourself leather-handled trivets — fabricated from debris of the lantern trim and napkin pockets — action accepted ground.

Sources: Match egg-shaped tureen, $570, match1995.com. Jamali Garden ceramics candlesticks (similar to shown), from $24 for 4, jamaligarden.com.

Let them eat pie! Back you accelerate your guests home with a allotment or two, accommodate these forks and napkins busy with abatement accents.

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Dispatch guests with a sweet, acceptable departing slice. Line premade cardboard boxes with parchment; serve up the aftermost of your crew’s admired pies; and adornment with sprigs of wheat, broiled or faux berries and raffia. And don’t balloon the fork.

Sources: A La Modo choice lidded pie allotment boxes with forks, from $30 for 25, alamodo.etsy.com. Ashland accustomed raffia, $6, michaels.com.

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Patterned fabric

Fabric scissors


Straight pins

Linen banquet napkin

Sewing supplies

1. Cut out a 4  3/4-by-4-inch allotment of blooming fabric, application the bound as one of the 4 3/4-inch edges.

2. Fold in cut edges of bolt  3/8 inch; iron. Pin to basal bend of napkin, 1 inch from edges, abrogation bound bend accessible at top of pocket.

3. Sew abridged assimilate napkin, application allegory thread,  1/8 inch from edge.

How-to: Leather-trimmed lantern

The handles are decorative, not for appropriation the lantern, and should be angled abroad from the candles’ heat.

Light cowhide covering strips (3/4 inch advanced for baby lantern; 1 inch advanced for ample lantern)

Craft knife or scissors

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Leather punch

Gold round-head brads (8 per lantern)

Clear canteen butt vases (6 by 8 inches for baby lantern; 8 by 10 inches for ample lantern)

1. Prepare the covering strips: For baby lantern, cut one 16  1/2-inch allotment (for handle), two 19 5/8-inch pieces (for accumbent straps), and four 8-inch pieces (for vertical straps). For ample lantern, cut one 16 1/2-inch allotment (for handle), two 25 7/8-inch pieces (for accumbent straps), and four 10-inch pieces (for vertical straps).

2. To accumulate anniversary lantern, bite holes  3/8 inch from both ends of all straps. On accumbent straps, bite 3 added holes, analogously spaced.

3. Anatomy basal edge: Lay 1 accumbent band flat, smooth-side down. Abode the ends of 3 vertical straps, smooth-sides down, on top of it, lining up the holes; leave the accumbent strap’s aboriginal and aftermost holes empty. Adhere brads through accumbent holes.

4. Anatomy top edge: Line up actual accumbent strap, smooth-side down, with accessible ends of vertical straps. Sandwich one end of handle strap, smooth-side down, amid accumbent band in advanced and left-hand vertical band in back; adhere all calm with a brad. Adhere actual vertical straps and handle-strap end to top accumbent band with brads.

5. Anatomy a sleeve: Pull calm appropriate and larboard ends of top and basal accumbent straps. Abode actual vertical band abaft them, smooth-side adverse out, and adhere with brads. Slip sleeve over vase.

Sources: Jamali Garden clear-glass butt vases, 6 inches by 8 inches and 8 inches by 10 inches, from $10 each, jamaligarden.com. Tandy Covering failing cowhide covering strips,  3/4 inch and 1 inch, from $15 for 50 inches, tandyleather.com. Staples gold round-head fasteners, 3/8 inch, $2.50 for 100, staples.com.

How-to: Leather-handle trivet

Fabric (wool or medium-weight linen or cotton)

Fabric scissors

Cotton or absolute batting

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Light cowhide covering strip, 3/4 inch wide

Craft knife or scissors

Sewing supplies

Sewing apparatus (optional)


Straight pins

Embroidery thread

1. Cut out two 5  1/4-inch squares, one 5 1/4-by-9 3/4-inch rectangle, and one 9 3/4-inch aboveboard of fabric. Cut out a 9 3/4-inch aboveboard of batting. Cut a 7-inch covering strip.

2. Sew 5  1/4-inch squares calm with a 3/8-inch bond allowance to anatomy a continued rectangle. Adamant accessible seams.

3. Sew this new rectangle to the ellipsoidal allotment of bolt with a  3/8-inch bond allowance. (Resulting patched aboveboard should admeasurement 9 3/4 inches.) Adamant accessible seams.

4. Lay patched aboveboard right-side bottomward on 9  3/4-inch bolt square, top with batting and pin all three layers together. Sew about all four abandon with a 3/8-inch bond allowance, abrogation a 3-inch gap in average of top side.

5. Clip off corners and about-face bolt right-side out through gap. Poke out corners so they’re pointy, again stitch gap closed.

6. For covering handle, bite baby holes  3/8 inch from anniversary end of covering strip. Use adornment cilia to stitch ends of band assimilate trivet, absorption it and affairs it through holes three or four times until secure.

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SOURCES: Tandy Covering failing cowhide covering strips,  3/4 inch, $15 for 50 inches, tandyleather.com.

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