[+] 27 Inch Chir Covers For Dining Room Chairs

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27 Inch Chir Covers For Dining Room Chairs

All prices retail * TB = Tupelo Building Complex * MB = Mississippi Building Complex

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10-piece 275 dining allowance in modern-style copse and copse veneer, $3,880.

Nine-piece Louis XV reproduction dining room, $5,674.

Seven-piece 551 bedchamber with bedlam headboard and footboard, $1,552.


Somerset bedchamber collection, in capricious appearance with honey ache animate acme bed and cases with aerial louvered architecture for capricious feel, brushed metal drawer pulls and angled drawer fronts and acme for abreast feel, Venetian louvered panels for gentle, airy archetypal touch, in ache debris over MDF, accessible alembic absolute or through warehouses in California, Missouri and Virginia.

AICO TB3 3034

Excelsior collection, 12-piece bedroom, nine-piece dining room, three accidental tables, six-piece ball bank and three-piece home office. Elegant, abundant accumulating with hand-carving, applique cutouts, absolute with ample age-old brand accouterments and shaped marble tops. Highlights accommodate abode bed with agent carvings and bendable afterglow lighting about base; grand-scale dining table, extendable to 138 inches; ample anomaly with askew bottle and double-medallion hardware; and home appointment lath with inset covering top, analogous credenza and berth top computer station.

Tuscano collection, 12-piece bedroom, nine-piece dining room, three accidental tables, secretary and glass-front billowing curio, three-piece home appointment and six-piece ball wall. Tuscan awakening admission with breezy feel, marble inset tops, leather-accented drawer fronts, nailhead trim and age-old ache with balmy Biscotti finish; abysmal carvings and shaped cases. Highlights accommodate abode bed with covering and nailhead trim panels on headboard; dining table with inlaid top and carved cabriole legs, extendable to 127 inches; lath with covering inset top, computer credenza with hutch.

Additions to English country-influenced Brittany collection, including new baron sleigh bed in balmy English truffle finish.

Additions to French-influenced Trésor collection: 60-inch annular glass-top table with carved base, analogous armchairs, cafe and mirror; home appointment lath with analogous credenza and hutch; and ball walls for use with regular, claret or wide-screen TVs.


Introductions focus on $399 sofas and five-piece $999 retail bales in two styles anniversary of country, acceptable and contemporary.

Expanding DuraPella with four sofas and a scatterback sectional.

Two motion sofas at $599, anniversary accessible with a analogous loveseat and recliner.

Promotional amalgamation with a motion daybed and loveseat or motion exclusive accessible at the aforementioned amount point. Two new styles included in the promotion.


Three appearance patterns from licensee Mossy Oak (Obsession, Shadow-grass and New Breakup) and bristles patterns of Advantage (nine colors of the microfiber Fairview).


Expanding Family Aged class with new pieces.


Adding 20 accidental dining sets to Architecture Band and Michael Aaron quick-ship affairs with a $1,500 minimum order. Additionally abacus seven new baker's racks and four collections of counter-height and bar-height stools.

Further accretion Parson's armchair affairs with two new frames and eight new fabrics. All allotment the aforementioned absolutely anchored animate anatomy construction, from $79 to $149 each.

Lexington, bristles accidental dining sets and two baker's racks; average blooming finish, scalloped and rope-twist edges on tops, hand-crafted metal bases, and blooming and metal bases; laser-cut or scroll-back chair; sets from $599 to $799.

Celsus, two accidental dining sets with baker's racks; tables accessible with marble or bottle acme with marble accents; absolutely anchored chairs with multiple-step finishes; $799 dining set and $499 baker's rack.

Dauton, accidental dining set in oak and metal, ablaze or average oak finish; absolutely anchored chairs with oak or bolt seats; $399 set.

Village, five- and seven-piece dinette; 36-inch by 60-inch bow-end coat table; Bronze Mist powdercoat accomplishment on absolutely anchored bowback chairs; $299 five-piece and $399 seven-piece set.


Houston-based dinette importer afresh added covering upholstery.

Featuring three covering basement groups, including Dalton, a acceptable nailhead trim anatomy alien from China.

Container-direct and truckload programs.

FRAENKEL MB B100-103, 201-305

Five bedrooms at $2,999, four dining allowance groups, a new accidental affairs and new upholstery frames and covers.


Madison Blooming bedroom, in chestnut-finish solid wood, featuring abounding English dovetails, copse dust bottoms, adapted copse backs and a hand-rubbed finish; dresser, askew mirror, best of sleigh or affiche bed, chest on chest. $999.

Madison Oak bedroom, aforementioned as Madison Blooming but in a country oak finish.


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Group of hand-carved copse emphasis chairs, $199 to $299 and possibly $399, in a array of looks.


Young at Hart, a complete band of adolescence bedchamber for boys and girls, in accurate styles with broadcast offerings of accumulator beds, computer desks and able case pieces.

Mendenhall, six-piece accidental abreast bedchamber in a bright atramentous accomplishment absolute with brushed chrome trim, pilasters and hardware, with shaped abject rails, bend antecedent motif, bury panels on headboard and footboard, and side-roller guided drawers.

Six-piece Colonial bedchamber with accessible berth mirror and appliance headboard in average amber oak accomplishment with abiding careful coating.


Tribeca, a sleek, simple abreast bedchamber with askew drawer fronts and headboard slats, glassy pewter accouterments contrasts with accustomed maple finish, in debris and veneers with roller drawer guides.


Full-scale home ball program, with five-piece bank for Island collection, and four-piece walls for Winterlake, River View and Avon Park; all accessible in cherry, oak or ache construction. Island, $1,099; Winsterlake, $1,199; Avon Park, $1,599; River View, $2,299.

American Treasures collection, 11-piece bedchamber and nine-piece dining allowance in American rustic oak debris and veneers, oak and age-old atramentous finish. Four-piece bedroom, $1,599; best of ceramics or table and four, $799.

Promotional solid-wood dinettes in three styles; table and four, $199 to $399.

Appalachian Trail, seven-piece Early American bedchamber in ache debris and veneers, with abundant eight-inch bedposts, four pieces, $1,799.


Veronica attic clock, advised by Chris Bergelin, 19th-century Victorian attending in glassy Windsor Blooming finish; abject appearance olive ash appearance crowned with a carved carapace and blade burden and two angry finials; sculpted columns affection carvings and blade patterns.

City Centre attic clock, accession to the Appliance Trend Designs collection. Lamppost administration in metal for indoor/outdoor uses; appearance age-old adamant finish, identical dials on both abandon so allotment can be floated in the average of an area.

Donegal collector's cabinet, hardwoods and veneers with Oak Yorkshire finish; dentil abstraction on pediment, reeded columns with top and basal caps and a acclaim scalloped base; locking bottle advanced aperture slides in both directions.

Abbey collector's cabinet, hardwoods and veneers in Golden Oak finish; crowned by an angled beanie abject with adorning bury and dentil molding; reeded columns and caps anatomy the advanced door; adorning cutouts on the sculpted base.

Brixton collector's cabinet, hardwoods and veneers in Windsor Blooming finish; swan close abject crowned with a angry finial and carapace overlay; acanthus blade abstraction on pediment.

Hammond/Lynwood collector's cabinets, bend anomaly with mirrored backs and front-opening door; Hammond is accomplished in Golden Oak; Lynwood is Blooming Bordeaux.


At its added Tupelo showing, alms both barn and alembic programs through an accord with a Brazilian covering producer.

Four daybed groups, including two 90-inch acceptable nailhead frames, Bomber Jacket and a camelback entry, sofas $899.


Expanding children's band with new colors.

Offering Mission bedchamber for the aboriginal time, in a aphotic oak finish. Nine-piece set retails for $900.

All artefact alien in three weeks or less.

LARGO TB4 4022, 4024, 4026

To Jaclyn Smith Home by Largo collection, abacus Spencer-Margaret adolescent developed bedroom, called afterwards Jaclyn Smith's daughter. Combination of European age-old styles with baddest architecture elements from Spencer-Margaret's own bedchamber furniture.

To Largo line, abacus Town & Country bedroom, with adult hand-rubbed finish, alms admixture of best address and burghal chichi on archetypal lines.


Six new styles accommodate Drake, a glassy Euro appearance offered in abounding aniline with affluence apparent feel, $825.

Expanding in-line quick-ship program, based in Wilmington, N.C., to added than 22 frames.


3000 Group, sofa, loveseat, armchair and ottoman, in European abreast administration with an El Paso microsuede, $379. Additionally alms seven-day quick-ship program.


3375 Collage, sofa, loveseat, armchair and ottoman in ambrosial blight colors of Hoffman's Marietta, Talar, Portland and Breathtaking, with daybed at $899.

9555 capricious bassinet in Mastercraft's Jungle Cat cover, $499.

470 covering abreast accidental accumulation of sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman and queen sofa-sleepers in Fritala's Broadway, daybed at $1,599.

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4200 loveseat/chaise exclusive in abreast accidental styling, in Valdese's Decoy and Main Street's Rothko, daybed at $1,099.


Six-piece Old World American affairs bedchamber in average afflicted oak accomplishment with latticed slats and baby aphotic peg account on mural mirror and frame; cases with spice-box aerial drawers with baby aphotic pewter knobs and ample lower drawers with formed aphotic pewter handles and peg accents.

Eight-piece abreast bedchamber with different "S" ambit burden in charcoal textured vinyl with chestnut speckling on acme and ends; S-curve fronts in high-gloss aged marble absolute with chestnut feel pulls; ample box-framed mural mirror with bendable arctic categorical "S" burden on anniversary side; best of accepted moon-shaped headboard with bendable agitate "S" design, or copper-finish 5/10 metal bed with rails.

Four-piece ball bank with ablaze asperous maple coat absolute with high-gloss Carmel amber granite marble coat acme and columns; tiered attending with bottle shelves, can lighting and chrome assumption knobs on cabinets; accommodates best big-screen TVs; alternative 48-inch credenza accommodates best picture-tube TVs or claret table-top models.

Zero Gravity bedchamber for sports-minded tweens and boyhood boys; melamine-coated "Silk Wood" maple veneers with accenting chrome pilasters and custom ramp-styled brushed nickel hardware; acute sports cartoon adorn berth crown, "half-pipe" footboard and 40-inch chiffonier door; accumulator berth accommodates skateboards and gear, and under-bed accumulator with skateboard wheels; computer desk, computer berth with cork board, CD/DVD storage; amateur abject with 32-inch awning capacity, and piano-hinge lift-lid accumulator chest with ancillary accumulator and acute sports graphics.

Ultra abreast bank bedchamber accumulation with two-tone account geometric designs application high-gloss polyester atramentous and albino walnut finishes; mirrored bank headboard with axle shelves and four brazier lights; aperture and drawer chiffonier with adjustable shelves and Euro-hinged doors; amphibian bowl mirror with touch-switch can ablaze and armoire with 27-inch awning capacity, adjustable VCR/DVD shelf and knock-out back; formed chrome accouterments and Easy Glide drawers with animate ball-bearing glides and stops; five-drawer chest and animate headboard available.

Expanding alternative of value-priced product, in banal for actual availability.


Year-old barn division, Giovanni Leather, abacus eight all-leather daybed frames, with promotional/transitional, acceptable and casual/transitional styles from $799 to $1,199. Sofas, fabricated in Brazil, address from Aerial Point.


Orleans promotional division:

Tryon Hall, eight-piece bedchamber in done oak accomplishment with marble accomplishment tops; animate bed and 82-inch aerial ability bed; four pieces, $799 starting way, $1,199 with ability bed.

Seven-piece Seaside Breeze bedchamber in white oak finish, wicker-look accents, bun feet; four bed sizes; four pieces, $799.

Seven-piece 2044 bedchamber in rustic blooming accomplishment with covering accents on sleigh bed; $999 with sleigh bed.

Six-piece 2045 bedroom, with atramentous accomplishment on ash-grained printed veneer, adorned pewter-color pulls and trim; four pieces, $899.

Three-piece ball centers with ablaze arch and two piers, and TV stands, all accessible in best of white oak accomplishment with pewter accents, or walnut accomplishment with pewter accents; ball center, $599; TV stand, $299.

Market special, $69 curios in 10 styles and finishes.

Converting promotional bedchamber band to drawers with roller ancillary glides.

Magnolia Classics addition division:

Seven-piece capricious country bedchamber from Vietnam with affluent ache accomplishment on ache veneers and solids, featuring abode bed; six pieces with bed, $2,299.

Seven-piece bedchamber and analogous six-piece dining allowance in caramel accomplishment on oak appearance and balk solids; bifold basement table and 56-inch china; six-piece bedroom, $899; table and four with china, $1,999.

Six-piece bedchamber and six-piece dining allowance in primavera appearance on balk debris with aphotic oak finish; affiche bed; six-piece bedroom, $999; table and four with china, $1,099.

Six-piece country appearance bedchamber from Vietnam in New River Ache accomplishment on ache appearance and solids; five-inch armament bed; six-piece bedroom, $899.

Vietnam barn affairs set for backward March will banal seven dining/bedroom groups, with two added groups planned for April market.


Big Chester, a freestanding bedchamber chest affairs emphasizing added accumulator capacity, and easier admission to and smoother operation of drawers; basal side-mounted nylon roller guides on all drawers; copse knobs for affinity with a advanced ambit of bedchamber groups; ash, ablaze and average pine, and average and aphotic oak finishes; point-of-purchase materials; chests to $149.


New Parson's and slipper chairs, ottomans and benches in a array of fabrics, $99 to $249. Additionally bottle tables to acquaintance with Parson's chairs.


Consumer advertisement for accommodating arcade dealers for Mother's Day promotion.

Building on accurate winners by accretion alternative at key amount points. New archive for Premier Performers Quick Ship.

Mantel-height curios, bristles cabinets in styles of French, Italian, English classical, Sheraton and contemporary, $399 to $899.

Sliding-door curios, six cabinets in French, traditional, transitional, English, Neoclassical and contemporary, $799 to $899.


Adding to its SimplyFits ready-to-assemble upholstery affairs in the $299-$499 range, and assuming a new band of upholstery from $599 to $799.

SEVILLE MB B601-602, 701-702

6900 accumulation includes sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman and bassinet in accidental abreast styling, featuring Quaker's Ridge, a chenille with a slight herringbone texture; sofa, $499.

Dining Room Casual Furniture Wayfair Chairs Excellent Ideas Sets ...


Springtronic, "The Springless Mattress," an all-foam bed that includes visco-elastic foam, with appropriate convolutions in the cream to aftermath a bounce effect.

Chiro Beauty Accumulating abacus high-cotton-content tickings, abounding featuring environmentally affable and non-allergenic properties.

Offering able blush adventure to acknowledgment the prevalence of white mattress tickings. Concentrating on articles that action able margins from $299 to $699 in queen.

STEIN WORLD TB5 5019, MB D3306

Four new collections, all abounding in Memphis and alien aural a week; added than 90% of accepted band additionally can be alien in a week.

Ashford accumulating combines affluence and function; includes a autograph lath with arresting covering top and drawers, annal carving, fold-down drawer advanced for keyboard use, and a French-styled covering ancillary chair; arresting covering and gold stenciling on an accessible bookcase; and a baby wine chiffonier with tray-style top; from $299 to $899.

Huntington, six pieces featuring walnut veneers with a hand-painted finish. Includes a breakfront chest with aloft applique design; one-drawer, two-door chest with hand-painted urn and applique design; animate with convolute stretcher and bun feet; and a 17th-century, two-drawer bombé chest with all-encompassing carvings; from $199 to $999.

Lafayette, four pieces amalgamate functionality with Old World charm. Includes a arced four-drawer alpine bombé chest in age-old white finish; three-drawer age-old ivory chest with arresting covering and anemic blooming detailing; and a brace of age-old ivory consoles with anemic blooming account and arresting leather; from $199 to $799.

Leather bank band includes an emphasis bank with arbor abandon and beachcomber account in age-old amber leather; bed bank with age-old amber covering beanbag and intricately carved accoutrement burden with Tudor rose accents; copse and adamant emphasis bench; ellipsoidal bed bank with nailhead accents; emphasis bank with architecture and hand-carved sides; and a brace of amber covering and copse stools; from $199 to $599.


Eight to 10 frames from $599 to $699, mostly in contemporary.


Adding to New Zoo specialty bed affairs a angel awning girl's bed with abounding metal tubing acknowledging canopy.

New soccer and ice hockey capacity for sports beds in best of admired aerial school, academy or able team; stackable twin/twin agreement with congenital ambition and two aperture accumulator lockers; $99 to $499.

Locker Allowance affair bed accumulation with abounding belvedere bed on automated casters and congenital under-bed storage, two-drawer media cart, four-drawer chest, nightstand, stackable twin/twin bunk, two-door accumulator locker. Drawers offered in 10 colors, all interchangeable, $99 to $299.

New patented oval, triangular and D-shaped specialty metal tubing for bunks and bedding systems, including three-inch egg-shaped tub stackable twin/twin applesauce with clear-cut accomplishment and "eye" architecture on uprights, $199 to $299; full-size bedding systems with headboard, footboard, balustrade and belvedere in one carton, $149 to $299.

Back-up account with 72-hour aircraft on specialty programs and accepted three-inch tubing affairs featuring twin/twin, twin/full and twin/futon beds.

Tam-Mex USA analysis now alms less-than-truckload quantities through U.S. administration network.

Special promotions on under-bed accumulator systems. New full-color advertisement acceptable for use as bi-weekly admit or handout.


Special appraisement for bazaar orders; added discounts for new placements.

Additions to bore vanity lineup. Additionally over 25 new emphasis chairs.

Normandy, bristles emphasis pieces, solid-granite top, two drawers and two doors for storage, duke carving.

Savannah, seven emphasis pieces including a beat bar with accomplished back, granite top, $399.

Gail, 12 emphasis pieces, hand-painted ceramics and assumption with granite and marble tops.

Paul, 25 accidental pieces, duke carved and duke corrective with arresting vinyl.


Entering promotional French bigoted amphitheatre with a 25% abatement on six-piece Alice active allowance group, including sofa, loveseat, chair, cocktail and two lamp tables; solid-wood frames, self-decked, stain-resistant fabric, bristling abandon and backs; $1,499.

Expanding French Bigoted accumulating with 539 animate and mirror, with solid-wood core, able atramentous top and nine-step acrylic action finish; $999.


Oak Haven collection, seven-piece adept bedchamber in elm debris and red oak veneers with a stately, abundant Old World feel with architectural details, including antecedent block focal points, keyhole escutcheons and 45-degree bend posts that blanket corners on anniversary case piece. Additionally appearance arced fronts and tops, shaped bases and antiqued brass-finish hardware. Library bed with animate detailing, blubbery shelves and recessed aerial lights.


Eight specials at or beneath FOB cost; chargeless bedrails with bedchamber groups; all artefact on duke in warehouse, with barn pickup, absolute addition by own trucks or one-day or two-day commitment by LCL.

Bedroom and ball center, rattan and amber abstracts in a blanch or pecan finish; five-piece bedchamber accumulation $1,195, ball centermost $595.

Outdoor furniture, adhesive on animate or aluminum with white or amber finish; animate and aluminum sets ambit from $395 to $795, adhesive on adhesive poles from $495 to $995.

Sofa groups, cobweb braid on rattan frames with cream added and a best of covers; $1,195 to $1,595.

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