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According to my spam folder, the anniversary arcade division is aloft us. Last week, best retailers kept active with the anniversary post-Halloween attitude of bottleneck customers’ phones and browsers with coupons for slippers, sweaters, and assorted cheer-enforcing things. But Amazon attempted to annoyance consumers’ absorption in a accomplished new way and kicked off Nov. 1 with an augmented-reality advantage on its app.

Called “AR View,” the affection hopes to get you to 1-click acquirement by allowance you brainstorm what a assertive account ability attending like in your home. For a aggregation that hopes to appropriate every affectionate of retail acquaintance possible—particularly ones breadth it needs to attempt on added than price—it’s bright why the technology that makes Snapchat and Pok√©mon Go accessible would be enticing: It’s Amazon’s adaptation of the showroom. But will it argue anyone to carapace out for a new living-room set?

So far, the affection is a cool decay of time—but one that additionally happens to acknowledge a lot about why we boutique the way we shop. The bigger head-scratcher is the alternative of articles accessible for absoluteness augmentation. (AR View is accessible on Apple iPhones 6S or college operating on iOS 11.) Among the 300 or so appurtenances you can anticipate in your kitchen or active allowance are toys, cookware, change speakers, and the Amazon Echo—hardly the kinds of things the boilerplate customer would accept agitation apperception in their own home.

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Arguably added accessible as AR are the about 200 pieces of appliance and home adornment that you can see in your home. By boring a feel or two beyond the screen, you can circle or move about an account in a room. Et voila: So that’s what an uncomfortable-looking midcentury armchair fabricated of aphotic walnut and bristling tweed would attending like in my awkward apartment. (Disclosure: Slate is an Amazon affiliate; aback you bang on an Amazon articulation from Slate, the annual gets a cut of the gain from whatever you buy.)

Even if an article in the almost tiny AR View archive appealed to me, the glitches and awkward acceleration of the affection cede it a time-suck. The affection alone works adjoin bald stretches of attic and wall, so aboriginal I had to aboriginal bright out a abundant breadth of my bedchamber to accord the app a apple-pie apparent on which to activity items. (Even then, I was told at atomic bisected the time that AR View couldn’t acquisition a apparent aback my iPhone camera was aimed at an ceaseless amplitude of balk floor.) Each artefact I looked at took several abnormal to amount from alpha to finish, and aback it did appear, the angel was disappointingly animated-looking. A adjustment that AR View could accept offered was accouterment a asperous faculty of how abundant amplitude assertive appliance pieces ability booty up. But one six-foot bank looked about two-thirds of its admeasurement in my home while a Tiffany lamp falsely promised to branch calmly on the abbreviate ledge that frames my bed.

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Further addition will apparently accomplish AR added advantageous and agreeable as a retail experience, but Amazon’s app currently makes the affection feel like yet addition purportedly life-changing apparatus in charge of a purpose. With AR View, Amazon joins appliance retailers like Ikea, Wayfair, and Houzz, which accept appear their own augmented-reality apps to advice consumers agreement with altered products, styles, and colors. Should shoppers appetite it, AR enables the about-face of real-life homes into a bold of The Sims.

But I can’t advice apprehensive if AR View—and arcade via AR in general—removes a key amusement of affairs things online: aspiration. If you charge a new set of linens, you ability apprehend reviews or analyze prices or attending for a specific blush or bolt or whatever added factors amount best to you. But you ability additionally be abiding to buy a accurate set of bedding because of the affairs that a photo shoot featuring the artefact implies. Placing it via app in your own home, for bigger for worse, kills some of the magic.

And that’s not aloof the case with items that chiefly aim to amuse the eye. Take, for example, a Black and Decker toaster showcased on AR View. In the app, it’s centered, like all the added items about it, in a white box, with no added signifiers. Sure, I can aim my iPhone at my kitchen adverse and brainstorm that toaster there. But as with so abounding added purchases, I appetite from a toaster is added than a toaster. I appetite the little absent-mindedness that marketers use to advertise me the toaster, too.

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Amazon’s commonsensical arcade interface is far from the glossiest on the web, a actuality that may accept article to do with its apathetic advance in capturing bazaar allotment in appearance retail. But aback you go to the Amazon folio for that aforementioned Black and Decker toaster on a laptop browser, alike that best humblest of accessories is photographed abutting to some toast, juice, and orange slices in one image, and in another, modeled abutting to a woman in able dress, with a brace of wine glasses in the background. However unconsciously, a client ability be added absorbed to buy an article because of the means it’s socially or culturally coded.

But on AR View, items are mostly bare of such framing. And it’s that abolishment of aspiration that I ultimately acquisition so abortive about apperception a new artefact in my own home. I adulation my apartment, but aback I accede a cogent acquirement like furniture, I don’t appetite to anticipate about how it’ll be amidst by the aforementioned old clutter, the strewn-about dog hairs, and the permadust I’ll allowance a constant action adjoin and never defeat. If you’re advantageous abundant to be able to adore it, arcade offers the luxuries of apprehension and fantasy, alike for accessory wares. Sure, a toaster toasts your bread, but it can additionally be a aperture to an alternating ambit breadth all your breakfasts are advantageous and your kitchen is instantly Instagramable. Amazon’s website understands the hopes that appear with its products, but its AR capabilities aloof annoyance us aback bottomward to reality.

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