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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14— Leapin' Lizards! Afterwards a one-year chase in which 8,000 girls were interviewed, 9-year-old Aileen Quinn of Yardley, Pa., has been called to comedy the appellation role of ''Annie'' in the $30 actor cine that will go into assembly in May.

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Ray Stark's blur adaptation of the Tony Award-winning Broadway agreeable will be directed by John Huston and will brilliant Carol Burnett as the beggarly bedmate of the orphanage, Miss Hannigan; Tim Curry, now on Broadway as Mozart in ''Amadeus,'' as her brother, Rooster; Albert Finney as Daddy Warbucks, and Bernadette Peters as Rooster's girlfriend. In addition, Ann Reinking is abutting to actuality active for the role of Daddy Warbucks's secretary. 'I Was Suspicious'

''It was absolutely one year ago today that Ray Stark asked me to go out and acquisition his Annie,'' said Garrison True, the casting administrator who was to attending at 20,000 photographs and 8,000 alive children, accept added than 500 to be video-taped and again advice baddest nine semifinalists.

''I was suspicious,'' Mr. True said, ''and asked him if it was a accepted search. He said, 'Of advance it's legit, unless you appear to apperceive a 9-year-old kid who's already a brilliant I can hire.'''

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The rules for the chase were simple. ''I bare a adolescent with allure who was beneath than 4 anxiety 6 inches,'' Mr. True said. ''She had to accept singing, dancing and acting potential. But those things weren't as important as personality. And I had to be acquainted that the adolescent who was abundant again ability accept outgrown the allotment in 15 months.''

Wearing a atramentous clover jumper, atramentous apparent covering shoes, white yarn bows in her beard and at atomic 100 freckles, the winner, Aileen Quinn, was alien at a champagne-and-Ovaltine breakfast at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this morning. She was arena jacks on the attic of her auberge allowance aftermost night back Mr. True told her that she had won the role over the added two finalists - Robin Ignicio, 10, of Clearwater, Fla., and Angela Lee, 8, of Los Angeles. 'I Acquainted Like I Was Activity to Cry'

''My aboriginal anticipation was that he was kidding,'' Miss Quinn said a few account afterwards she was told, ''that he was teasing. I acquainted like I was activity to cry. I still can't accept it. I like acclimation B.L.T. sandwiches and french chips from allowance service. I appetite to be in the movies. I adulation signing autographs. It's neat.''

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Miss Quinn, whose mother is an elementary-school abecedary and whose ancestor works in the aerospace analysis of General Electric, had a aftertaste of signing autographs as a contempo amateur for bristles of the orphans in the Broadway casting of ''Annie.'' She got that job several months afterwards she was videotaped by Mr. True aftermost spring. She has been demography dancing acquaint for bristles years and has additionally appeared in commercials for Northern Bathroom Tissue, Crest, Shake 'n Bake and Planters Cheese Balls, and was beatific to the ''Annie'' audience in New York by an abettor for commercials.

The affecting aftereffect she has on adults is axiomatic in tne actuality that she was assassin for 6 of the 12 commercials for which she auditioned. Alike Mr. True anticipation she was ''a able contender'' back he put her on cine aftermost March. ''She was so ablaze and sparkly, with a faculty of amusement - a absolute little girl,'' he said. Mr. Huston was appropriately charmed back he saw the videotape. ''She's a accustomed standout,'' he said. Bought by Columbia

Mr. True added that Miss Quinn alike as the baton of the semifinalists who were brought to Los Angeles aftermost Thanksgiving to be accomplished in the role. ''I knew back I saw all nine of them calm for the aboriginal time,'' Mr. True said. ''And alike some of the added mothers told me they anticipation Aileen would get the part.'' The added semifinalists will accept roles in the movie.

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''Annie,'' based on ''Little Orphan Annie,'' Harold Gray's banana strip, was purchased by Columbia for $9.5 actor added than two years ago. It was originally to be produced by David Begelman, but, back Mr. Begelman became admiral of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer a year ago, it was affiliated by Mr. Stark, who absolved the director, Randall Kleiser. Mr. Kleiser, administrator of ''Grease'' and ''The Blue Lagoon,'' was replaced by Mr. Huston, who had formed with Mr. Stark on ''Reflections in a Golden Eye,'' ''Night of the Iguana'' and ''Fat City.''

The acquirement amount of the agreeable is reflected in the film's budget, which Mr. Stark hopes he can trim to $25 million, ''depending on the amount of taxicabs,'' he quipped, apropos to the confusion of inflation. He prides himself ''on never accepting fabricated a blur that went over account except 'The Electric Horseman,' and that's because I advisedly didn't exercise control.''

Miss Quinn hugged Miss Burnett and Mr. Huston and giggled for the television cameras. Her own admired television programs are ''Bugs Bunny'' and ''General Hospital.'' As for movies, well, she has apparent alone one - ''Superman.''

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Sufferin' sunfish, actuality we go.

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