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Here are some of the things Martha Stewart has done on her new appearance with Snoop Dogg: She has beat a blinged-out cheese grater on a alternation about her neck. She has bashed out of what can alone be declared as a pimp cup. She has taste-tested a stoner compound for a pizza omelet. She has name-dropped Escoffier. She has not flinched aback Rick Ross said to her audience, "I wanna accomplish some babble for Martha because babyish got back."


When did Martha Stewart go from actuality America's best ardent homemaker, accessible at a moment's apprehension to spray-paint cottony flowers and appearance them into busy wreaths, to actuality America's coolest grandma, who makes edger jokes and hangs out with Wiz Khalifa?

After she went to prison, of course, but not appropriate after. The agronomics of New Martha, of Hip-Hop Martha, of Martha the Queen of Dank Memes, took time. And it has culminated in "Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party," her cooking-show-meets-stoner-buddy-comedy that enters its additional division Monday on VH1.

"I'm a actual affected person," Martha told The Washington Post. "I don't smoke, I hardly drink. It's affectionate of an odd aggregate appropriate from the get-go."

Respectfully: Is Martha all that affected anymore?

It's the acumen that she is affected that makes it funny aloof audition her say the names of her guests, generally hip-hop artists: "We had Lil Yachty. Do you apperceive him?" This is, afterwards all, the aforementioned woman who wrote an all-encompassing blog column about bathing her donkeys: Billie, Rufus and Clive. It's the aforementioned woman who, in a buzz of Justin Bieber, delivered a bane address calling actor Natasha Leggero "the dirtiest used-up ho I accept anytime seen," and gave Bieber tips for aback he "inevitably" goes to prison. If you anytime slept on a set of Martha Stewart floral book sheets, you'd be afraid to apprehend her antic about them, which was: 1. unprintable, and 2. directed against the rapper Ludacris.

Her appearance with Snoop is a actual accurate cultural barter amid two bodies of acutely disparate backgrounds, which is a affair America could use added of these days, frankly. Martha tries on a grill, shotguns a beer and glugs out of a 40-ounce canteen of malt liquor this season. Snoop, meanwhile, has abstruse about lobster thermidor and croquembouche.

"She's accomplished me how to ... accept bigger aliment etiquette, how to be added able in the kitchen," Snoop said. "I showed her a few things, the ghetto way of accomplishing things," like his adjustment for authoritative bacon.

"I've abstruse a lot about music from Snoop and our guests," Martha said. "He's acutely knowledgeable, he's additionally actual amusing. He's absolutely laid back," she said, commendation one of his songs. She absolutely cast rap: "Ever back I saw '8 Mile.' It started with Eminem ... I like that affectionate of poetry." And Rick Ross: "We're email pals."


Snoop is acceptable Martha, and Martha is acceptable Snoop, and it's been accident for years, afore our actual eyes. He aboriginal appeared on her appearance in 2008, putting cognac in his mashed potatoes, teaching her the byword "fo shizzle." A year later, they fabricated brownies with blooming sprinkles and a flash and a nod, because those blooming sprinkles stood for an altogether altered blooming substance. Again a Reddit Q&A in which Martha said Snoop was a actuality she would like to get to apperceive better, and again the Bieber roast. Afterwards that, SallyAnn Salsano, who additionally produced "The Jersey Shore," accomplished that they would be the absolute odd brace for a affable show.

"These guys are absolutely friends, and that's why I anticipate it works so able-bodied on screen," Salsano said. "Their accord is real."

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Some of the show's best ball comes from how Snoop and Martha comedy off anniversary added aback she says article adverse to blazon or he eats article delicious. Snoop will attending at her and say, "Martha," amused and awed. There is compound instruction, but it's not absolutely about that. The architecture is basically: Snoop and Martha anniversary accomplish dishes according to a (usually stoner-friendly) theme, like tacos or broiled cheese, and allure celebrity guests over to adhere out. This division will affection Laverne Cox, RuPaul, T-Pain, Ty Dolla $ign and P. Diddy, amid others.

Snoop is, unsurprisingly, aerial for every episode.

"He comes assimilate the set appealing high, and leaves appealing high," said Martha, laughing, but he's "not amateur or breathless at all. That's the way he lives."

"Sometimes I may smoke one blunt, sometimes I may smoke 100 blunts," Snoop said. "It depends on what's all-important for me to do what I'm doing."

And again he has some cocktails, because abounding episodes bang off with Martha demonstrating a alcohol recipe.

"Every adventure I was drunk. Every one," Snoop said. "The curve become that abundant added easier, the breeze becomes natural. It's added relaxing. You're not accomplishing a job, you're aloof accepting fun."

Martha is accepting fun, too. She seems cannily acquainted of her role as the comedic beeline man, the actuality who can accelerate Jamie Foxx into peals of amusement by sucking on a helium balloon, as she does during division two's "Birthday Party" episode, while misquoting Migos's "Bad and Boujee": "Rain drop. Bead top. Smoking on kush in hot box."

Martha was already so ardent that her daughter, Alexis, hosted a appearance dabbling admiring fun of her mother. Ana Gasteyer's "Saturday Night Live" impressions of her were of a woman with a quiet acerbity within. Bodies didn't apperceive Martha was funny - abundant beneath that she could go toe-to-toe with some of the filthiest comedians. It's been in her all along, said Kim Miller-Olko, chief carnality admiral of television and video for Sequential Brands Group, one of the show's producers.

While "It's not like she's a barter driver," the Bieber buzz "was who she is aback you're in the car with her. That faculty of amusement is actual abundant her," she said.


Martha wouldn't call her faculty of amusement as dirty.

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"My business ally wouldn't like that description of me. I like humor, I like all kinds of humor, I don't watch abhorrence movies, though, and I don't watch porn. I don't watch any bad stuff."

(If you're afraid to apprehend prim, able Martha Stewart alike use the chat "porn" in an interview, apperceive this: Martha knows what sexting is, and she's done it, she told Andy Cohen).

It's all so funny that a contemptuous actuality ability admiration if this is a affected accomplishment to aggrandize her cast amid millennials. Afterwards she appear an article about how abundant she loves drones, the Daily Dot wrote that Martha was "trolling the internet into oblivion."

"The internet's abeyance or my oblivion?" asked Martha, aback I apprehend that band to her. "I can't brainstorm what that means.

"Trolling agency you're fishing, it agency you're boring a band ... so it doesn't absolutely accomplish any sense, that statement, does it? Does it to you?"

I approved to explain that the internet has a altered analogue of trolling, and that in this context, the chat meant actuality cheekily provocative. And I wondered: Was Martha trolling me?

"No, I'm accomplishing a fun show," she said. "We're accepting absorbing guests, we're accomplishing all sorts of great, I would say funny things. We're aggravating to accord bodies a little bit of advice and a lot of enjoyment."

For all their odd brace dynamic, Martha and Snoop aren't so different. They're both affairs gurus - Snoop has a cannabis aggregation with adept packaging, a agenda media aggregation and a alternation of apps. They're both affluent bodies who alive in adorned homes, abounding to by staff. Aback they appeared on "$100,000 Pyramid," Martha broiled Snoop on the intricacies of autogenous design: wainscoting, sconces, credenzas. He answered every catechism correctly.

At one point a meme went around, a account of Snoop and Martha from the anniversary credibility adventure of her show, clad in a three-piece clothing and a anniversary sweater, respectively. The explanation reads: "Be alert of stereotypes! Alone one of them is a bedevilled felon."

Except it's not true: Snoop, too, is a felon, accepting been bedevilled of biologic control and control for auction in 1990.

But it's the spirit abaft that meme that is the force of the show: Anyone can acquisition accepted arena over a acceptable meal, alike two bodies who assume so different.

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Snoop is autograph his own cookbook, one added affair he'll accept in accepted with Martha. It will affection recipes from the show.

"People were inquiring about those dishes, and how can we do it. I was like, you know, (expletive) it, I'm gonna do a cookbook."

It's activity to be refined: "I didn't put no adulation sandwiches in there. That ability be in my additional book. That ability appear with the awning recipes in there too," he said. "I capital ... (people) to apperceive that it was acceptable and advancing from a affable perspective, and not aloof me aloof accomplishing it to be accomplishing it."

And it won't be about affable with cannabis.

"I'm gonna be on cannabis while I'm cooking, but ain't no charge to put it in the food."

Martha says she doesn't absorb cannabis, admitting she says she has gotten a acquaintance aerial from actuality about Snoop. He has able her with marijuana seeds, and she hasn't yet buried them, but is because accomplishing so at her Maine domiciliary ("I charge to acquisition out if I charge a license.").

Even admitting it would assume the ultimate acme of both claimed brands, Snoop and Martha accept no affairs to barrage the best analytic affairs aftereffect of their show: a band of gourmet cannabis edibles.

New Martha makes edger jokes. Old Martha wants to abound article else.

"I'd rather do a band of my own hydrangeas or my own tulip bulbs," she said.

Maura Judkis, The Washington Post

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